"If there’s a Pink Floyd of folk music, these guys are it. They’re innovative, orchestral and dreamy, and Sarah is the David Gilmour of the soprano sax." Roots Music Canada
"I gave it 5 out of 5 stars. It should have had 6. Wonderful harmonies and remarkable heart and depth" Andy Snipper. Music News

"Substantial, beautifully rendered folk music. The Skinners trademark close harmonies elevate their uplifting quality material throughout" Classic Rock Prog Magazine.

“They really do have an across the board appeal. Renowned for their soaring choruses, fabulous soprano sax solos and clever thought provoking lyrics” Jan Hall. Folk Roots Radio

"A band I have a lot of respect for. They don’t pigeonhole themselves. Damn fine music. Fantastic, very accomplished musicians. Absolutely superb". My Rock Radio.

“A lovely album. Just gorgeous”.Rick Stuart, Roots and Fusion

“With most folk, the most important part of the music is often lyrics. With Red Dirt Skinners, you get that, but you also get incredibly talented musicians” Bucketlist Music Reviews

“A Masterpiece. Audio bliss from the Red Dirt Skinners' scintillating new album 'Under Utopian Skies’.” Trevor Oxborrow, Folk at Five


“Divine Harmonies, the Red Dirt Skinners just keep getting better and better. I love them to bits. Quality music”. Dave Raven, the Raven and Blues Show

"The only outfit in the UK to have picked up National Awards in several categories, the Red Dirt Skinners are a sparkling and refreshing antidote to the world of musical blandness" Cashbox Canada

“Now five albums to the good, Sussex husband and wife combo Rob and Sarah Skinner have reached a career zenith with Behind The Wheel. Its nine songs exude confidence in writing, performance and production” David Innes, Blues And More Again

“This album is delightful. I’ll be listening to this for some time to come”. Andy Snipper. Music News.

“Behind The Wheel is a beautiful, mature piece of work by two class musicians. Make sure you put it on the top of your shopping list.” The Blues Man in the Hat. Blues in Britain Magazine.

"Mature, intelligent and inventive. Well worth a listen" R2 Rock n Reel Magazine.

“A glittering ride of originality full of integrity, inspiration and individuality.” 10/10 Bluesdoodles.

“Simply get this CD ASAP and listen to the accomplished musicianship and cool vocal harmonies and try not to force it into any other category than “excellent”” Ian McKenzie, Blues In The South

“Is there a genre called Damn Fine Music? If so, that’s where you’ll find this.” Paul Stewart, Pablo and the Blues show, My Rock Radio

“Fantastic! The harmonies stick out a mile in a very good way. Thanks for sharing with me and my audience”. Paul Smith The Blues Show. Harbour Radio

“I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and I love the diversity” Allan Watkiss, UK Country Radio

"I have it on continuous play in my car at the moment. I simply love the whole album. Every song is so well crafted. The recording is superb. Every song has depth and meaning. It truly stands head and shoulders above anything around at the moment.” Nigel Thorne, Blue Horizons, Radio Vera Ireland.

“I love the album. That saxophone melts my spine!” John Brown Lionheart FM


"The best live album I've heard in yonks!" FATEA Magazine 10/10

"A terrific showpiece. One of the best duos in the business" Blues In Britain Magazine

"Musically set apart from the mass of bands who are just copying what has gone before" Music News 4/5

"A fantastic live band full of warmth and stories that make each track authentic with personal connection" Bluesdoodles 10/10

"The space where the vocals of Sarah and Rob Skinner meet features two tones existing as a single note". The Alternate Root Magazine


"Close Harmonies don't come much sweeter" Classic Rock Magazine 8/10 "

“Homebred male/female duos don’t come more impassioned or impressive” Daily Mirror 4/5

"Outstanding harmonies" R2 (Rock n Reel) Magazine 4/5

“Everything about this album shouts ‘Quality’ from the playing and the harmonies to the atmospheric production and the perfectly chosen songs. I would dearly love to see them do ‘Stillwater’ live – virtually acapella and with sumptuous harmonies. This album does struggle to fit into anyone’s pigeonhole and I like that – just file it under ‘Excellent’"Music News 4/5

"I can imagine them being the Next Big Thing. They have an instantly recognisable sound which is all their own and which is utterly magical". No Depression. The Roots Music Authority since 1995

"Clutching a handful of National award nominations, this album demonstrates exactly why this exceptional multi-instrumental husband and wife team are making such a mark. Throughout, they give us the tightest of warm harmonies and some quite brilliant instrumentals and solo vocals. A hugely entertaining and accomplished piece of work". Blues In Britain.


"Male-female duelling vocals that recall the good ol' times back home" Time Out London Magazine

"If you like your Roots music with extremely polished harmonies and a good dose of raunchy sax or smooth clarinet, and songs that make you cry one minute and then have you laughing the next, these guys and this album is for you!" Blues In Britain Magazine

"Gets better with every listening" Gary Grainger; Independent Broadcaster of the Year, British Blues Awards 2012


"Mighty fine and well worth seeking out"" Maverick Magazine. 4/5

"A damn fine album. Bang on the mark" FATEA Magazine

"A joyous earful deserving of major label interest" R2 (Rock n Reel) Magazine

"Great sounds. Great variety. Great musicianship" Blues In Britain


"You guys were incredible. Fantastic harmonies. Unbelievable talent"". Lisa Marie Presley

"Not only are The Red Dirt Skinners blisteringly talented musicians, they're also some of the nicest folks in show business.” Showplace Theatre, Peterborough Ontario, Canada

“A wonderful night of music. The Red Dirt Skinners are a ‘must see’ artist” Acoustic Harvest Concert Series, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"One of the best acts to come out of the UK in a long time" Hugh’s Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Superb harmonies and conversational lyrics left everyone feeling like old friends by the end of the evening." The Eyemouth Hippodrome, Scotland

“The entire crew were so impressed with both their musicianship and their engaging personalities. We look forward to their next visit.” Breakfast Television, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“A wonderful performance. I don’t recall any band receiving such thundering applause. Sarah received a standing ovation for her sax solo on the very first number.” The Old Church Theatre, Trenton, Ontario, Canada

"100% positive feedback from a very appreciative audience and a great atmosphere. The harmonies and musicianship were exquisite" Florence Arts Centre, Cumbria, UK

"From their very first number on Saturday night, the Red Dirt Skinners had the audience in the palms of their hands. This amazing duo played and sang their hearts out."The Buteman News, Scotland

"A well deserved standing ovation"The Ceilidh House, Scotland

"Taking the music scene by storm" BBC Radio Oxford, UK

'Witty and pointed lyrics, a sound much bigger than two people should normally be allowed to make, interweaving harmonies and a dynamic performance with plenty of audience participation, all combine to produce one of Britain's most engaging duos of the moment of any genre'. Hebden Bridge Blues Festival.

"One of the best and most popular of all UK artists" Dave Watkins, British Blues awards DJ of the year 2014

"It's hard to believe such a big sound can come from just two people. It is a pleasure to hear them but even better to hear them live. Awesome!" Johnny D Renegade Radio Nashville

"Delicious entertainment" The Beacon Herald, Stratford, Ontario

"A highly enjoyable set which straddles several genres, it comes highly recommended. Judging from the large amount of bookings the duo has been taking of late, it’s apparent many others agree" Blues Matters Magazine, UK

"Every now and then we get an act at the club which goes the extra mile to put on a show. The Red Dirt Skinners were such an act. It was a great night". The Woodman Folk Club, UK.

“A truly virtuoso duo indeed” Kevin Black, Black on Blue Radio Show, UK


* The first band in history to succeed in more than one genre in National Awards
* International Acoustic Music Awards nominee 2016, 2018 (Best Act)
*UNDER UTOPIAN SKIES named Alternative Album of the Year (2018) in several polls across England, Scotland, Wales, Canada and the U.S.
* JUNO Awards nominee 2016 (International Album of the Year)
*BEHIND THE WHEEL named Folk/Roots Album of the Year (2016) in several polls across England, Scotland, Wales and Canada
* British Blues Awards - Winner 2014, Runner up 2013, 2015, 7 time nominee (Instrumentalist of the Year, Song of the Year, Acoustic Act of the Year)
* British Country Music Awards - Runner up 2013 (Best New Act, People's choice)
* Top ten artists of the year 2014 - UK Country Radio Awards
* UK Songwriting Awards - 8 time finalist
* Endorsed by Trevor James Saxophones
* Endorsed by DJM Music (UK)
* Sold out tours across Europe and North America